NO82. What to do if you forget system's password?

H.VIEW-LeoCreated at:Mar 30, 2017 11:36:34Updated at:Nov 06, 2018 17:55:13

Please provide us information below.

1. Model number of recorder. You can find it at the bottom of recorder.

2. Date on TV or monitor.

If you forgot the password , please don’t worry you can use our ‘Super password ’ to log in to system.

On ‘SYSTEM LOGIN’ page you need put in the Username and Password, if you forgotthe password pleaseclick‘?’whichisfollowed thePasswordbox,thenyou will get a Key number on screen , send this number to me, as i need creat a password with these key numbers.
In order tohelpyoubetter iwroteallsteps youneed donow,and attached some pics which can help you, please follow and send the Key number i need.

1. Click “?” Which is followed the Password box


2. Then willpop-upa Securtyquestion window,at the bottomleft page,youwill find Key: xxxxxxxx, send these numbers to me.



All in all, as long as  you can contact us:


  • Amato
    Hello i forgot my password
  • Thomas Doherty
    Key: 01923521 30-03-2024 15:55:40 Sat
  • victoria.brady
  • Gopibatth
    Nay updates?
  • Gopibatth
    The ? Mark sign don't have
  • Gopibatth
    The ? Mark sign don't have
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