How to fix N3108's IP address

H.VIEW-LeoCreated at:Dec 25, 2020 16:26:02Updated at:Aug 20, 2021 10:33:05

Step 1:Please connect NVR to a router with reticle and make sure NVR has connected to router successfully.


If the Device Status show 'offline',it means network connect failed.

Please follow this way to set up your IP:

 right click your mouse--Main Menu--Network

In thie page you can see "DHPC", please choose this at first and it will set up your IP automatically.


Then go back to check if it is connected, if not, please follow step 2. to set up.

Step 2:Please use a computer which is connected to the same router and check that computer's network information.

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Step 3:Please fix system's IP like picture below.



NVR's IPv4 Address first 3 parts must be as same as computer's,but last part must be different with computer and other devices.

Subnet Mask :Same as IPV4 Subnet Mask of your computer

Gateway of dvr :Same as Ip address of computer(eg: If you computer’s Gateway is,the Gateway of dvr recorder should be

Primary DNS of dvr : Same as your IPv4 DNS Server, it is the frist one

Secondary DNS: Same as your IPv4 DNS Server, it is the second one

 Click OK .And check if you connect internet successfully. If you can't understand this, please send us your computer's IP page tp us(, we will help you asap.

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