How to using NFS service of ZyXEL NAS series?

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1. Installing NFS from the Package Management


Log into the NAS using NAS Starter Utility or a Web browser.

Click System Setting > Firmware/Packages > Package.

Click Retrieve List From Internet, select the NFS package from the table and then click the Install/Upgrade button.

Click Apply to install the NFS package.

2. Enable NFS server on the NAS


After installing NFS, click Network > NFS (Figure 94) to enable the NFS server.

3. Configuring an NFS shared folder on the NAS

Click Add NFS Share to configure an NFS folder.

Enter an NFS Share Name and under DN/IP Filter, enter domain name(s) or IP address(es) which is/are allowed to read/write the NFS shares.

The NFS shared folder has been added.

Note: If users want to configure other features, do the following step:
Click Edit NFS Share to modify (Figure 7) or delete an existing NFS share.

4. Enable the NFS service on Linux

Enable NFS service on Linux.

#/etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server start

Verify if the NFS server has exported the directory.

# showmount -e ServerIP

5. Mount a Share of NSA325v2

Create a mount point for the remote resources using the mkdir command.

# mkdir NAS_mnt_test

Mount a share of NSA325v2.

# mount –t nfs ServerName:/remote/directory /local/directory

6. Check the connection of the NAS

Check the IP address of Linux.

NSA325v2 shows the NFS session.






Copy a file from NSA325v2 to Linux

Check NAS_mnt_test folder.

# ls NAS_mnt_test

Copy file 141_11.jpg from NSA325v2 to Linux local.

#cp /root/NAS_mnt/test/141_11.jpg /root

Copy a file from Linux to NSA325v2

Create abc.txt file in Linux. Afterwards, copy the file from Linux to NSA325v2.

#cp abc.txt /root/NAS_mnt_test

Check NSA325v2 files via NSA325v2 GUI.!gwsViewDetail.action?articleOid=014693&lang=EN

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