Why It says ”Failed To Login” when you try to access camera via IPCManager Tool?

H.VIEW-LeoCreated at:Aug 15, 2018 19:14:21Updated at:Aug 20, 2021 10:57:30

1. When you login camera on IPCManager Tool , Pop up a Failed to Login Window(as shows below)


2. Thats because of the camera isnt under your local network , you need change the IP address of camera. (All steps are shown as below)

Fristly please confirm your computer IP address under the Nerwork Connection Detail(You can find this page in your computer Control panel--Network and Internet link--Network and Sharing Center)


Secondly follow the below step to change your camera IP


1. Input the User Name: admin and The password: 12345 [Do not click Login]
2. Select the camera

3. Input the specific address which can match with your Local network

4. Click Modification  to save settings. You will see a page as below which means the IP address be changed successfully.(If you find that the page stay at Batch SET IP ,please close the software and open again to check that does it change the IP adress of camera successfully.)


5.Click Refresh then login the camera (As shown below)


① Select the camera

② Click refresh to confirm the address be changed successfully

③  Username :admin  Password:12345 Click Login to access the camera

FAQ: I dont know how to find the details of my local network, who can help me?


You can find it on your computer , please do as follow:


1. Open Control Panel 

2. Once Control Panel is open, tap or click on the Network and Internet link

3. In the Network and Internet window, tap or click on Network and Sharing Center

4. In the Network Connection Details window, locate either the IPv4 Default Gateway or IPv6 Default Gateway under the Property column.(Same as below)


5. The ip address of the computer you are using will be listed under IPv4 Address, and the Router IP will be listed as theIPv4Default Gateway. In our scenario, the router address is So we want to find all the devices on this network starting from the Router IP.


6. Change IP address by using IPC manager tool

- IP From-the first three octets of camera should be same as the IPv4 address (Router IP address) you only need to change the fourth octet.(eg: When The ip address of router is, the ip address of camera can be changed to Subnet Mask -must match your network subnet mask as shown in above picture

- Gateway -must match your network Gateway / router IP as shown in above picture



7.Click ‘Modification’ icon to save the ip address


  • jorge.boose

    Yeah, so I can change the IP address ok, but that doesn't change the fact I can't login to the camera or its settings.  It still shows "Failed to Login" after doing all steps above.     Also, typing IP address from within same network no longer brings up HView login page, nor is Support responding to this.

    I guess they're on the decline now.

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