How to view PoE/WiFi camera via PC Client

H.VIEW-LeoCreated at:Jul 31, 2018 11:40:18Updated at:Sep 03, 2019 11:35:21

1. Download EZClient, this is link address:

2. Install EZClient and login:

Username: admin

Password: 12345


There are 2 methods to add device, one is via ID and another is searched in LAN:

1.Add camera in LAN locally:

Click“+ Add device”


• Choose the camera

• Enter the user name (admin)

• Enter the password (12345)

• Click the “Add”



Then you will see the camera is Logined,double click the device ,it will show preview image on the left area.



2.Add camera via ID:

Get the ID by scanning the QR code on your camera with your app EZvision

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Or log in to the WEB interface via the camera's IP address to get the ID


Add camera to EZClient with ID, please click the “ADD DEVICE”:


Change “Add Type” to “P2P” mode


Enter the ID into the IP Address field, enter the camera’s username and password, then click “ADD”


Double-click to add the camera and the interface displays the video


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