NO30. How to upgrade DVR/NVR's system?

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This FAQ is for DVR/NVR, not for camera.

There are 2 methods to upgrade firmware of DVR/NVR. We suggest you use method 1. Please contact us to get upgrading file first.

Here you can check system current firmware build date. After upgrading, you can check if build date changed.



Method 1.

1. Copy the firmware file( xxx. BIN) to Root directory of U disk.


2. Insert USB hard drive to USB port of DVR, then keep the DVR powering

3. Go into Main Menu- Advanced-Upgarde


4. Then choose the upgrading file and click on Uprade. Wait for the automatic upgrade.


When the DVR upgrades and screen background will become blue, it will go through three steps and have Progress tips. After the upgrade it will prompt “upgrade finish”, but the prompt time is very short.

After the success of the upgrade shows the starting image, in this time you need to pull out the U disk, if not, it may be upgraded again.

NOTE: please don't disconnect the Net and power during upgrading.

Method 2

1. Connect your DVR/NVR to a router with network cable.

2. Use a computer which also connected to the same router as DVR/NVR is connected to install upgrading software.

Download the attachment ,it is the installation package of this software.

If you could not download it ,you can click this link to find it.

3. Run software to upgrade.

4. Click IP search and choose the device which you want to upgrade, then click the Browse to add the path of upgrading files, at last click Upgrade. 

00158da2fd023a6efd6881b19503903 • 7.13MB • Download


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