How to Automatically Synchronize the Time of camera?

H.VIEW-LeoCreated at:May 22, 2019 09:56:32Updated at:Jul 01, 2019 17:54:31

As there is no button batteries inside this camera, so when camera be powered off, Date & Time will back to 2000-1-1.

This issue can be solved by configuring the settings to let camera automatically synchronize the time of NTP. The procedure is as follows:


1. Download the IPC Manager Tool to your Computer. You can get it from CD or our official Website:


Link for IPC Manager Tool :


2. Open the IPC Manager Tool


* Make sure the camera and your computer under same local network. Camera will displays on the device page.


3. Right click your camera and choose Open home



4.Login to the Web client.

Enter user name : admin and password :12345


>>> Choose Configuration --- System --- Date & Time

>>> Sync with NTP Server:

>>> Port:123

>>> Update period: 1

>>> Select Time Zone

>>> Confirm Date format and Time Format

>>> Save


Wait more 2-3 minutes and click reflash ,you will find the time was changed successfully.





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