POE/WIFI Camera Upgrade Firmware

H.VIEW-LeoCreated at:Aug 15, 2018 19:19:55Updated at:May 24, 2021 11:02:52

Upgrade firmware

Please enter your camera's web interface and find the info of this camera,then take a screenshot and send it to the support@hviewsmart.com

If you had multiple cameras,please send us a screenshot of each camera,Then we will send you the correct firmware for the each camera.


Please extract the firmware package before upgrading.

Enter the IP address to the  browser.

Then login the camera (Default user name and password is admin and 12345)

Click Configuration --- System --- Upgrade

Click Browser to find the firmware ,then click upgrade.


Note:Please clear the browser cache when the upgrade is successful.


  • shinnichi.nakazawa

    Thank you for your help

    HV-400E1 Firmware




    When I changed the farm from IPCAM_V4.03.22.200709 to IPCAM_V4.03.25.200729, the IP address started to change by itself.

    Even with DHCP, the address is fixed and changes every few minutes.

    I can't seem to download the farm now.

      Is there any way I can get the old firmware IPCAM_V4.03.22.200709?  

    The procedure is to update 1.frm and 2.frm in order.



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