NO2. What to do if phone or computer can't connect ip camera? (829 ip camera)

H.VIEW-LeoCreated at:Mar 31, 2017 11:02:40Updated at:Apr 11, 2019 16:47:46

If you phone and computer can't connect the camera, neither locally nor remotely and it says camera is offline,please try methods below.

1. Please notice if camera spins when connecting to power. If not, please change another adapter to have a try.

2. Please make sure camera is plugged into router with ethernet cable and router has Internet.

3. Please check the yellow and green light on the ethernet port of the camera. One should be blinking which indicates camera has connected to router successfully. If not, please change the ethernet port of router or another ethernet cable to have a try.


4. Please reset camera to factory default.

If you find local view on phone can work but remote view can't, it is because your phone's network is not good to connect camera outside. Please change live video resolution to a lower one


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